Pure Breed Eurasian Wild Boar

Eurasian Wild BoarIn the fine tradition of Mr. William Randolph Hearst, Native Hunt Enterprises Inc. is proud to be the ONLY California Outfitter to now offer Pure Eurasian Wild Boar Hunting.

N.H.E. Inc. is the ONLY California Outfitter to possess this genetically superior strain of Sus Scrofa.

Hunting anywhere else in the State of California will only produce a typical Feral Hog and, in fact, if you have a Feral Boar scored, the scoring card will read “Feral Boar taken in California".

A Feral Hog by definition is a domestic/Eurasian crossbreed. The beast of King Arthur himself is now available in California exclusively through Native Hunt Inc. This genetically superior (True Wild Boar) is the real McCoy and nothing at all like the typical feral hogs found here in California.
Feral Pig

Our Eurasian Wild Boar are truly a splendid animal to behold and when compared to a typical feral hog, the genetic differences are immediately apparent: a superbly long snout, short tail, heavy front end with low slung, narrow hindquarters. Solid colors that range from deep red, silver gray, and blonde to charcoal with silvery guard bristles.  Absolutely no belted, spotted, pug nosed, or curly tailed animals will be seen while hunting Native Hunt game ranches!

When cornered, a true Eurasian wild boar such as these will become one of the rip-snortinest creatures ever to root up this planet! A true beast of which legends are made of! Red Eurasian Hog